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Sadistic Satellite is a tough-as-nails lunar-lander-ish-thing, you must descend through layers of defences and capture an enemy base while fighting off enemies and managing your health and fuel.

The layout is always different, and difficulty increases with each successful run.

For now, the game requires a gamepad, but I'll add mouse and keyboard support in a future version.

  • Left stick steers left/right.
  • Left trigger fires the main engine.
  • Right stick aims the turret.
  • Right trigger shoots.
  • Start brings up the menu.

It's possible to split the controls between moving and shooting with a second gamepad if a second player also presses start, in which case both gamepads make use of Left Stick and Right Trigger primarily.

Not a casual game.

Music by: Slodderhaai

Install instructions

Unzip and run Sadistic Satellite.exe


Sadistic Satellite.zip 45 MB

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