We're funded! What's next?

We met our Kickstarter goal on the last day of the campaign, raising $21,373 CAD!

The free version will continue to be updated until all the closed beta keys are handed out. This probably means some time in the the back half of November.

Because people are still discovering the game, I've been asked a few times if there's any way that people can purchase closed beta keys now that the campaign has ended. At the moment there isn't, and the next opportunity seemingly will be when (and if) we enter Early Access. The free version will continue to be available though, and is still quite playable.

That said, it's not out of the question that another opportunity could present itself before then. While there aren't any plans currently, that could change depending on the situation and we'll try to keep an open mind.

Thanks to all of you who backed and helped spread the word. We couldn't have made it without your support. And to thank you, we'll try and cram as much stuff into the game as we can before the end of the year!

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Hi, there is also the "First Access" program here on itchio, if you want to go this way.

I'm going to be sending out a survey soon.