A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dominus Galaxia is a 4X space strategy game with a focus on amplifying strategic decisions and minimising non-strategic busywork.

This is a fully featured, unredacted version of the game, playable from start to finish. 

Please consider backing us on KickStarter

Dominus Galaxia features:

  • Turn based gameplay and turn based tactical combat.
  • Combat can be auto-resolved at any point, and supports >2 sides.
  • Ten different races, with two currently playable.
  • An infinite tech tree with multiple fields that can be researched concurrently.
  • Efficient, slider-based colony management. No build queues to fuss over.
  • In-depth ship design.
  • Many optional features (eg. can play with or without star-lanes).
  • Hot-seat multiplayer.
  • Diplomacy, espionage, invasions, and planetary bombardment.
  • And much, much, more!

This build will be updated until the campaign is finished and we send out all beta keys.

OSX and Linux builds are now available!

Note to Linux users: AMD GPU users should run the game with dg_vulkan.sh. In addition to to the Linux version, the Windows build has been reported to work very well with Proton (but read this if you have any trouble).

If you have questions, suggestions, or just want to hang out for awhile, hop on over to our Discord server!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorStarChart Interactive
Made withUnity
Tags4X, hotseat, Kickstarter, Moddable, Space, Tactical, Turn-Based Combat, Turn-based Strategy, Unity
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

Unzip and run Dominus Galaxia.exe


dominus-galaxia-osx.zip 893 MB
Version Jan 20, 2021
Version Jan 20, 2021
dominus-galaxia-windows.zip 911 MB
Version Jan 20, 2021

Development log

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Awesome Game very re-playable, However you will discover the KS edition is unwinnable.

You are a legend

Hi. Send me your contact e-mail

I'm reachable at jgraw@starchart-interactive.com


Fire arcs sounds like a definite thing. Turrets, broadside guns, spinal weapons - all have pros and cons.


I 100% would have backed this if I learned about it in time.  Your writeup on kickstarter about design philosophy had me sold on its own AND moo1 is one of my favorite games.

(1 edit) (+1)

This is my first Kickstarter and this is the game I've been waiting for.  Always prefered MoO over MoO2 so if you think the same, back this game!


I backed this game. :)


Why is the game being updated like three times over the past ~48 hours?  Is this going to be the normal update cadence or will the updates be tested before being rolled out?


Also the devs are from Canada and don't need funding from non-Canadian sources; go ask your govt for funding instead.


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The cadence is not typical and updates are being tested (plus I spent a lot of time creating automated testing tools).

During the crowdfunding period I'm specifically focusing on areas that are least likely to cause regressions or introduce bugs. The high speed of updates is a combination of putting in a lot of time and listening to player feedback in real-time. Many changes are things that have been requested on the Discord server.

Now... regarding funding I find your comment to be flippant, demeaning, and overly reductionistic. But, I'm also as close to a free speech absolutist as you can get. I'll push back, but I won't ever ban or censor you for stating a contrary opinion.


hashtag NotAllLeafs lol. I like your attitude.

Looks promising!


I find your lack of faith disturbing.  I can meme too ya know.

Canadian devs should ask the Canadian govt/people for funding instead of ebegging on Kickstarter or other USA-focused websites.  You don't tell people that KickStarter charges them an extra fee for currency conversion when they 'pledge' to non-USA developers.

Usually I'm all for supporting devs, however when a developer is too bullheaded to seek out free govt money from their own govt specifically designed to fund indie projects like this, then I dunno what to tell ya.  Literally just put in a French language option in addition to English and you can get funding.  Throw in a few maple leafs and other Canadian references like what that South Park game did.

Ubisoft and all the other major publishing bastards get this govt money so why shouldn't you?  :P


Source: https://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=24751

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1. A good suggestion covered in poopy doodoo is still covered in poopy doodoo.  I might suggest considering your delivery method as currently it appears to be your butt.

2. A Kickstarter campaign is wonderful even if there are other funds.  I would not know about this game without Kickstarter.

3. The dev didn't use a meme in his reply.

I can't play the game because when i run it. it say " This app can't run on your pc find a version for your pc " can you hlep me with this, i running window 8 32bit

Dominus Galaxia requires 64-bit Windows.

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question: in the future you will make a 32 version? (i don't speak english)

Unlikely to, sorry.

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doesn't matter, thanks for creating a very good game. (Sorry if my english is bad, and sorry for a late reply).


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

It's currently in testing, but there are issues with AMD GPUs (or at least the open source AMD drivers).

So if you head on over to Discord, there's a build posted in the Linux channel.

I've also been told by a number of people that DG works perfectly in Proton, although it seems there's a bug with Steam where you need to either reconfigure the target executable after adding a non-steam game, or remove all white space from the path.

Linux version is up. But the caveat is that there are issues with AMD GPUs that render the game unplayable in that configuration. I want to build an AMD/Linux box after the KS period to fix this.

AMD GPU users can now run dg_vulkan.sh as a workaround to play the game.


Great game so far!

Hopefully KS will allow more room to continue to improve.  I am definitely already a backer!

Is there a forum I can post thoughts / feedback from the beta? Or an email address? 

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Thanks. I appreciate it! For all the good impressions we're making we need all the help we can get with the KS!

There's a steam group but Discord is probably the best place to ask questions and give feedback. There's a link on the KS page as well as in the main menu. Actually, let me add a link to the itch page...


excellent game !!! amazing visual,fun and easy to assimilate mechanics;congratulations for the project my friend success !!

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I would like to offer you publishing this interesting game on Steam. If you are interested we can have a chat on Steam or send me an e-mail on my e-mail address: moustafa.elwasif@gmail.com. I will make a contract based on what we both agree on.

Thank you,

Best Regards

Moustafa ELwasif - SilverDam™

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Honestly, I am really suprised how fun this game is. With all the MOO clones popping out, you have made something special here!I honestly feel this is the fan's game, from a fan for the fans, and the passion and love for the genre shows through the design. /// would like some antialising though :P

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Thanks, Filip!

Yeah, it's my hope that I can support this game for the long haul. If possible, I'd like for this to be a "long seller" that I'm supporting and improving over the course of, say, the next decade.

I don't think DG is a masterpiece yet. But I think it has all the foundational elements to become one. Of course, I'm also hopelessly biased ;)

Anything you can do to help spread news of the KickStarter will help that dream become reality though! It's still early days, but right now it looks like it could either way.

Oh, and there should be some post AA on the higher quality presets.